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Patrick’s,tremendous talents have no doubt helped carve out our niche in the marketplace, and contributed to our overall success.” Jodi Stasse - Citi Habitats MD NYC

325 Lexington a new building created in the heart of New York, Patrick Morgan was brought into oversee the vision from branding to interior design and advertising campaign globally. All the condos sold out to designers, UN diplomats and financiers from all over the globe.


325 Lexington Ave Apt 28C, New York  Est. $2,374,100

1,138 sq ft  3,786 sqft lot

325 lex Branding

325 lex Branding

325 lex External drawings

325 Lex

Rode NYC commissioned artistic consultant Patrick Morgan RCA

By Nancy Buckley Luxury Daily January 29, 2015


New York’s luxury real estate prices and,art sales both saw an increase in 2014, therefore integrating art into the,city’s residences will likely add to the value of both the artwork,and property.

British artist Patrick Morgan and luxury, condominium residence 325 Lex have joined forces to assimilate Mr. Morgan’s, watercolor renderings of the building into its marketing materials. The property’s use of Mr. Morgan’s paintings adds a greater value to its, advertising campaign and creates a unique collector’s item for the building’s founding. “Through, his artistic vision, Patrick was able to capture the spirit of 325 Lex, as well, as the surrounding neighborhood in his whimsical watercolour renderings,” said Jodi Stasse, managing director of new, development at Citi Habitats, New York.

“ His,renderings are featured prominently on marketing materials, on our Web site and,hanging in our sales gallery,” she said. “His works add a unique aesthetic and,ambiance, plus they are a lot of fun to look at.”Ms.,Stasse, in conjunction with Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group, oversees sales,and marketing of 325 Lex.Painting real estateCarmel Partners is the California-based,developer behind the construction of 325 Lex. The developer commissioned,Mr. Morgan to paint a series of watercolour renderings of the building.Mr. Morgan has previously worked with singer,Justin Timberlake, designer Tom Ford, the Financial Times, the New Yorker,,fashion labels Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Prada and actress Cameron,Diaz for her; “The Body Book.” Mr. Morgan’s ; luxury and celebrity,background will only add to the prestige of his work with 325 Lex…

“Real estate has become the new global asset,class for high net-worth individuals,” Ms.,Stasse said. “Much like art, real estate is now offered and purchased as a,limited-edition collector’s piece; it’s an investment – and one with greater,returns than the stock market provides these days, especially in New York.“The,same people searching for great art are also searching for amazing homes, even,if it’s their second, third or fourth,” she said. “We tap into that sector, and,collaborating with Patrick has added another layer of cachet that really makes,325 Lex special in the luxury real estate market.”

Property with art ,The combination of art and real estate was seen at Art Basel Miami in December,2014.

Fendi and Giorgio Armani looked to Niche, Media’s special-edition imprint for Art Basel Dec. 4-7 to promote their,residential properties during a time frame when numerous wealthy individuals,flock to Miami Beach for the annual art festival.

Totaling nearly 300-page magazine includes,advertisements from fashion and jewelry brands as well as a bevy of real estate,developers and luxury high-rises that are populating the Miami area. Due to the,influx of affluent individuals, many of whom own multiple homes, creating a,special-edition publication full of real estate options during the popular Art,Basel may spur continual growth in Miami.The immense real estate offerings, especially,in New York require marketers to find unique ways to stand out.

325 Lex Interior design

325 Lex reception design

325 Lex Apartment drawing

325 Lex reception design

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“325 Lex is already over  40  percent sold after launching in October,”

Ms. Stasse said.“Statistics,show that some 90 percent of all people start their real estate searches online,– and Patrick’s eye-popping and colourful renderings have really helped us stand,out,” she said.

“You, cannot be cookie-cutter and make a splash in New York real estate. Patrick’s,tremendous talents have no doubt helped carve out our niche in the marketplace, and contributed to our overall success.”


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325 lex:

Visuals illustrated.