“Whether a wisp like portrait or a dynamic figure with a shock of background colour Patrick’s drawings are always elegant and contemporary.

His confident line and natural talent produce strong statements on the progression of  modern fashion illustration noting the likes of  René Gruau .”


David Bamber, Tom Ford


Patrick Morgan






Disrupting Fashion design futures


A talk discussing past, present and future fashion and how luxury brands can change the landscape of sustainable beauty.




The British Drawing Institute


InstaFashion is a drawing workshop, hosted by The British Drawing Incubator and supported by The House of St Barnabas.




This series is brought to you in partnership with The House of St Barnabas, a not-for-profit private members' club based in the heart of Soho, that supports people affected by homelessness and social exclusion back into lasting paid work, with 20% of all profit going to the Employment Academy' Patrick will be holding a series of workshops, every Thursday in the month of July, including a talk with the Creative Director of Tom Ford, David Bamber, on week 2 (July 14). The workshop will start with some basic introductions to fashion drawing, moving onto fashion illustration and then creative online PR, through social media.

‘Drawing in virtual reality challenges you to draw what’s in your imagination, and then inhabit it.’



Lineartronic will be a series of workshops testing the constraints of VR drawing and image creation through performance, film and art direction. The workshops will trial new softwares from Mozilla A Paint,Tilt brush and existing softwares from Unity, Unreal and open source material. The artist will be able to create and design environments and artworks in the virtual space with aided knowledge from 360 film technicians and fabricators.


The workshop then manifesting into an ongoing Residency with a final show in Dover street markets contemporary gallery Gazelli Art House.


‘Inside the aura of the beholder’


Interpretation. Compatibility, Authenticity.

Walter Benjamin states in Art, Aura and Authenticity: The aura is an effect of a work of art being uniquely

present in time and space. It is connected to the idea of authenticity. A reproduced artwork is never fully

present. The digital environment is a new space where artists want to explore as this is a new unknown

territory open to investigation.